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Qualified Teaching Staff


We have two classes for every year group. We are fortunate that we have more than enough qualified teachers on our staff to ensure that we rarely need to employ supply. In addition to the teachers below, we also have Mr Storch (Headteacher), Mr Boyd (Deputy Headteacher), Mr Bullen and Miss Blake. We all love teaching and view any cover of a class as an opportunity to get to know the children well and support our monitoring. Mr Bullen teaches every class computing in the ICT suit once a week whilst the other class in a year group is taught swimming. Miss Blake teaches Spanish.


Year 6:       Mrs Hardman

                   Miss Wilkinson


Year 5:        Mrs Illingworth 

                   Mrs Forshaw


Year 4:        Mrs Wadsworth

                   Mr Wilkinson   

                   Mr Peetoom


Year 3:       Miss Clarke

                  Miss Swain


Year 2:       Mrs Monks (Maternity Leave)

                  Mrs Sutton

                  Mrs Bull


Year 1:        Miss Greenall

                  Mrs Heaven

                  Mrs Redfearn        


Reception:  Miss Cocks

                  Mrs Reeves - Joint Reception Leader

                  Mrs McBride - Deputy Safeguarding Lead