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For 2023 to 2024:


  • Introduce children to Christians and / or moral leaders who have had a major impact on society. 
  • Initiate early fitness opportunities for junior children - 'Born to Move'.
  • Develop our pond area and create a bio diversity and reflection area.
  • Embed the use of Knowledge Organisers across school to help children remember of key facts
  • Use the video platform called IRIS to support professional development for staff and learn from clips of each others lessons. This will also be used for staff new to the school and student teachers.
  • Generate more options for children at lunchtimes. Year 2 to Year 6 to have access to the hall for board games, artwork and chess every lunchtime. Y2 to Y6 also to have access to the library every lunchtime and many playtimes. 
  • On site mini weather stations and orienteering course to be set up and linked to both science and Geography curriculums. 
  • To develop the Science Lab and include two fish tanks - one for tropical fish and one to grow coral. This is to link with the children's concern about the harm of litter in the oceans and the impact on marine habitats.
  • To finalise plans for a new swimming pool at present for planning permission.
  • Outdoor provision to become outstanding in our nursery, Reception and Year 1 areas.
  • All teachers to have new teaching tool technology, including the ability to mirror ipads to a screen.
  • To be a pilot for Mastering of Number in Key Stage 2.