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Administrative Officers

Miss T. Comerford 

Final year student in chartered business management working around various aspects of school admin.  Currently working in HR and well being within school for staff, dealing with a multitude of tasks and learning across sites. Newly signed up and trained with the Department of Education as senior mental health supportive lead within school and working on a new school policy to create a whole school approach. The lady who has the nursery phone in her office and sometimes covers TA roles around school and cover in nursery /holiday clubs. Tracy was a level 3 for 13 years. If your child is having trouble coming in and you feel sad, ask for Tracy at the pupil office, happy to put the kettle on and share time, your wellness matters. Here Mon-Fri


Mrs L. James

Mrs James works in the pupil office Mon and Tuesday assisting in all general admin, letting in children and answering calls and booking lunches and after school clubs.

Wed - Fri Mrs James returns to her office which is on the main side of the school, here you will find her number crunching and sorting all the invoices, school fees and parent gateway and keeping accounts in tip top order. Mrs James is our school bursar so any money queries please speak to Mrs James and she will help or direct you to Mr Storch.


Mrs B. Winstanley

Mrs Winstanley works Wed-Fri in the pupil office and is the longest serving office lead. Mrs Winstanley has a wealth of knowledge and is very experienced in all things admin and knows the school like the back of her hand. She is extremely helpful.  Secretary for SEN and the first point of contact for all who need admin help. The weekly newsletters are also Mrs Winstanley's work. A marvel!