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Teaching and Learning

  • The school assesses all pupils and works alongside all other professional agencies to support the identification and assessment of pupils with specific needs.    The school has excellent monitoring and tracking facilities which extend beyond academic development to ensure the identification of pupils with Special Educational Needs.    The school has a variety of internally trained staff to complement expertise from external agencies.


  • Teaching assistants provide individual and group support for the broad spectrum of need.  The teaching assistants work closely with the class teacher to provide an appropriately differentiated and resourced curriculum. 


  • We have our own resources to facilitate the development of specific needs and utilise the support and advice of external agencies.  Where access is required to both low tech and high tech communication aids and assistive technology this is provided.  Independent learning and development is a key aim of our provision. We use internal or external agencies to provide this advice.


  • The school has a qualified Special Educational Needs and Disability Co-ordinator.  The school has additional qualified staff and are given opportunities for regular training.   Specific training is provided as required.


  • We have staff who are trained to meet the needs of pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and we purchase expertise and specialist input as required.


  • Regular staff meetings and training days are used to support staff working with children.


  • All reasonable adjustments are made to ensure that the needs of children are met during external tests and assessments.  This must be supported from professional advice and meet statutory criteria.


  • The Headteacher and Special Educational Needs and Disability Co-ordinator update the provision map at an individual and group level to ensure that appropriate resources are allocated to best meet children’s development.