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Shine Out! Committee

The Shine Out! Committee is made up of various members of our school community including children, staff, clergy and governors.


The purpose is:

•           To think about what makes our school special as a Church School.

•           To think about how we can make our school a caring place.

•           To help plan and improve worship in school.

•           To look at what we learn in RE and what resources we use.

•           To look at ways we can help our local and wider communities.


This year's team includes Jack Robertson, Mewna Casather, Alfie Pugh & Emily Watson all from Year 6 and, Joshua Morris, Ruby Birch, Ethan Olverson & Morven Miller all from Year 5. 

A Remembrance Prayer

Dear God, 

Please look after the people and animals that have sacrificed their lives for us. Help us to remember all the great people that fought in the wars. 

Thank you for the poppies that remind us of the people who fought for our freedom and are still fighting today. 



Thank you Morven Miller for sharing such a beautiful prayer with us!