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Who's Who

Leadership Team


Mr G. Storch - Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and Geography Subject Lead

Deputy Headteacher

Mr S. Boyd - Collective Worship Lead and Joint Mathematics Subject Lead

Miss S. Cocks - Deputy Safeguarding Lead, EYFS Lead, Joint Reception Leader & Reception Teacher

Mrs J. Hardman - Year Six Teacher, Assessment Leader and Educational Visits Coordinator

Mrs H. Sheppey - Year Six Teacher, Inclusion and Vulnerable Children Lead (including SENDCo and Deputy DSL) and Joint Mathematics Subject Lead

Mrs R. Wadsworth - Year One Teacher, English & Religion Leader

Teaching Staff

Qualified Teaching Staff

We have two classes for every year group. We are fortunate that we have more than enough qualified teachers on our staff to ensure that we rarely need to employ supply. In addition to the teachers below, we also have Mr Storch (Headteacher), Mr Boyd (Deputy Headteacher), Miss Blake (Spanish), Mr Bullen (Computing) and Mr Peetoom (P.E. and Science). We all love teaching and view any cover of a class as an opportunity to get to know the children well and support our monitoring. 

School Year 2023 - 2024

Year 6:      Mrs Hardman

                  Mrs Sheppey - SENDCo and Deputy DSL

                  Miss Blake

Year 5:      Mrs Illingworth 

                  Miss Forshaw

Year 4:      Miss Clarke 

                  Mr Wilkinson   

Year 3:      Miss Greenall

                  Miss Swain

Year 2:      Mrs Monks

                  Mrs Redfearn

Year 1:       Mrs Bull

                   Mrs Wadsworth

Reception: Miss Cocks 

                   Mrs Reeves 

                   Mrs Heaven

Support Staff

School Year 2023 - 2024

Support Staff

Year 6:   Mrs J Whitehead     Mrs S Tugwell      

Year 5:   Mrs E Robinson         Miss L Waterhouse    

Year 4:   Mrs C Holder             Miss J Saul

Year 3:    Mrs R Maher             Miss L Waterhouse         Mrs C Bentley

Year 2:    Miss S Rothwell       Miss K Loines       Mrs J Forshaw

Year 1:    Mrs E Hilton              Miss H Webster             

Reception:  Mrs L Riding          Mrs M Moore      Miss R Towersey


Librarian: Mrs W Rigby

Pastoral Student Support: Mrs J Forshaw

EAL Support: Mrs M Malakhova

Speech & Language and Phonics Support: Mrs Foster

Swimming Coach:  Miss K Loines

Nursery Catering Support:  Mrs M Moore

Administrative Officers

School Year 2023 - 2024

Office Team

Parent Communication and Admin Support for Special Educational Needs: Mrs B Winstanley

Parent Communication and School Expenditure: Mrs L. James

School Income (inc. lettings, pool & nursery): Mr G Storch 

Site Supervision

Site Supervisor - Mrs C. Dooley

Maintenance - Mr J. Clare

Point of contact for contractors is Mrs C. Dooley. She is contactable on or via school office on 01695 574027

Cleaning Staff

Miss C Holder

Miss N Kitsenko

Miss K Mawdesley

Mrs V Moran

Mrs L O'Rourke

School Cook

Mrs D. Coulthard

Lunchtime Supervision Assistants

School Year 2023 - 2024

Lunchtime Staff

Main Hall for Board Games and Chess: Mrs J Forshaw

Library Lunchtime Club:  Miss Saul

Dining Hall: Mrs C Dooley   Mrs K Mawdesley

Junior Playground:  Mr J Clare     Mrs Malakhova     Mr S Boyd / Mr G Storch    Fiz (football coach)

Infant Playground:    Mrs E Hilton     Mrs L Haines     Mrs C Holder     Miss R Towersey

Nursery:  Mrs B Sumner    Mrs M Bowman   

 No one in this school has a salary over £100,000.