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Keeping Children Safe

Risk assessments are carried out by the Health and Safety team.  Specific personal plans are written as required.  Risk assessments are stored in the school office and non-person specific risk assessments are available on the staff website.

Staff collect and return children at the start and end of the school day.  Where specific arrangements are required this is carried out with full negotiation of parents and carers.  Staff are employed beyond the school day to ensure appropriate handover arrangements.

Children are released to adults subject to safeguarding procedures being carried out.  Parking is limited and only designated and approved drop offs and collections can be made. 

The school provides a safe environment and supervised support for children at break times and lunch times. 

All school visits are processed through ‘Evolve’ system and risk assessments are attached, checked by the Educational Visits Co-ordinator and Head teacher.  All staff leaders have been trained in organising visits that take full account of meeting the needs of all individuals including those with Special Educational Needs and Disability. 

School policies are available on the school website and are inclusive and comprehensive.  Hard copies are available on request.