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Inspection Reports and Performance Data

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Results for 2022-2023 Academic Year

  • EYFS Results – 2022/2023 was a smaller cohort, achieving more highly than previous year (current Y2) in all areas and a higher percentage reaching overall Good Level of Development. Fewer children reaching expected in reading and writing than in number. Girls outperforming boys or girls and boys level. Focus on boys’ reading and writing in Y1.
  • Y1 Phonics – 83% of children reached expected standard. Above Lancashire and National. Useful to have all children assessed on previous paper in January to identify children to target between Jan and June. Boys above Lancashire and National average. Girls were very close. Was a dip in Lancashire and Nationally in 21-22. Boys outperformed girls.
  • Y2 Phonics –  68% of Y2 children who re-took the test achieved expected level. Higher than Lancashire and National average. Boys were in line with Lancashire and National. Girls outperformed boys and were above Lancashire and National average.
  • KS1 Results – Reading 69% (Lancashire 67%, National 68%). Writing 79% (Lancashire 60%, National 60%). Maths 79% (Lancashire 70%, National 70%). Combined above Lancashire and National. Moderated this year.
  • KS2 Results – Reading 74% (Lancashire 72%, National 73%), Writing 86% (Lancashire 71%, National 71%), Maths 61% (Lancashire 73%, National 73%), GPS 85% (Lancashire 72%, National 72%). School slightly above average Scaled Score for Reading and GPS, below for Maths. Some children had low attendance earlier in the year (Autumn Term) then when attendance improved, saw very good progress but still not expected.  Combined Reading, Writing and Maths was 55% (Lancashire 58%, National 59%). 

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